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Keeping Hoosiers dry since 2016

About Roof Now

Roof Now Timelaps

Roof Now Timelaps

We started Roof Now, Inc with one thing in mind: “TAKE CARE OF THE HOME OWNER!”

I have worked with the large roofing companies before and I just got tired of the customer just being a dollar-figure number. I got tired of having to charge the customer for every little thing once we tore off the layer of shingles and saw what was underneath. My pricing is going to be considerably lower than the large roofing companies because I do not have the overhead to pay that they do. We put on the same shingles as they do, we offer the same warranties as they do, and most of the time we use the same crews that they do. So why would you pay more money for the same roof?

Roof Now is in its second year of operation, but we have had business out of the same warehouse for the past 30 years.  We have a combined  of 14 years in the roofing business. We know how to keep you dry. Our roofing crews have worked with us for the past 10 years and they are some of the same crews that work for the large roofing companies.We have earned accreditation with the Better Business Bureau.